Wishart Medical Centre


Medical Certificates

To provide a certificate a doctor must see the patient for the condition on the day.

Recall System

This surgery offers a recall system for Pap Smears and Immunizations. You will be offered the choice of being enrolled on the pap smear register at the time of your consultation. The Australian Immunization register keeps a record of all vaccinations given, and will generate a reminder notice for us when vaccinations are overdue. We will then contact you.

Repeat Prescriptions

Please check with the receptionist who will then verify this with your doctor. However, your doctor may wish to see you personally. Without a consultation a $20 fee will apply for collection.

Services Provided within the Practice

Specialist Referrals

Please make an appointment to see your doctor for specialist referrals. Referrals to specialists will not be provided without prior consultation.

Telephone Enquiries

Telephone calls to doctors are limited to emergencies. Our receptionist will assist you with any enquiries or take a message and arrange a time that will be convenient for both yourself and the doctor to discuss your concerns.

Test Results

Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss test results. Please ensure your contact details are up to date: preferred contact: telephone number, mobile number, email address for recalls, reminders and general communication.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify the receptionist as soon as possible so that we can allocate the appointment time to another appointment. Failing to do so may result in a fee.


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