Wishart Medical Centre


Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology Collection Centre is located within Wishart Village Shopping Centre, please call for 3420 6931 for further information and business hours.

Patient Contacts

Account Enquiries – (07) 3377 8565

1300 732 030 for callers outside Brisbane

Fascimile (07) 3876 9635

Patient Services

Customer Support – (07) 3377 8747

Warfarin Care Support

1300 769 440 for callers outside Brisbane

Mon – Fri – 9.00am to 4.00pm, closed weekend and public holidays

Warfarin Care – Dose Information Centre

(07) 3377 8777

QML Pathology performs medical tests and analysis that aid your doctor in the diagnosis or detection of diseases, and measure the progress or recovery from a disease. We have specialised expertise in diabetic testing, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, drugs of abuse screening and molecular tests.

For further Patient information please visit http://www.qml.com.au/IamaPatient.aspx


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